Designing a Sustainable Future

We build modern, mobile-first websites that look amazing on any device.

Our server runs on renewable energy and is gold certified by the Green Business Bureau.

We use a 6-layer security system to protect our data from any type of attack.


Why us?

We care about the future.

As a company founded by teens, we understand the value of our future. More than 8 million data centers around the world store the contents of the internet. These data centers require an enormous amount of power, usually produced by burning coal or other fossil fuels.

Our server runs on hydroelectricity: a clean, sustainable source of energy. We also store all our data on solid-state drives, which use a fraction of the power required by traditional hard drives. And instead of energy-intensive air conditioning, we use outside air and water cooling technology to maintain our server.

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Security & Privacy

We use a 6-layer security system to protect all of our information. A firewall defends our data from cybercrime, malware, and viruses, preventing hackers from exploiting any vulnerability. We also protect against several different types of attacks, such as a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) or brute force attempts.

Each domain includes an unlimited number of free SSL certificates to secure all traffic between you and your clients.

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